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Budget Plan

20 Mar 2023

Travel on a Budget: Experience Affordable Accommodation at Oastel

If you sign up for half day tour?

after finishing the half-day tour you can request your tour guide to drop you at Brinchang. You can self-journey to experience and visit more places by yourself.

Brinchang and Rata are 3.7KM away. If you wish to go by taxi probably will costs you around RM15 to RM20. By walking might took you around 40 minutes (+ -). What the best places to visit in Brinchang?

Best place to eat in Brinchang:-

  • Local Food Truck


  • Tiny Boutique Café

  • Kwan Kee Steamboat (Chinese cuisine)

But if they drop you there, you have to come back to the hostel by yourself.

How to come back?

The distance between Brinchang and Tanah Rata is approximately 3.7 km, which takes around 40 minutes to walk up and down.

Alternatively, visitors can take a taxi back to Tanah Rata, which can be booked at the taxi station near the PETRONAS petrol station in Brinchang.

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