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17 Mar 2023

Best Places to eat in Tanah Rata-Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is known for its tea plantations, scenic views, and cool weather. When it comes to food, visitors can expect a mix of local and international cuisine. Here's a short summary of some popular places to eat in Cameron Highlands:

Indian cuisine

  • Curry Leaf Restaurant

  • Highlands spices (Kumar Restaurant)

  • Singh chapatti

  • Yasfgghh

Chinese cuisine

  • Rosette café (also with western cuisine)

  • Fern nyonya

  • Kougen (Japanese)

Malay cuisne

  • Orchid corner (also selling the best naan in town)

  • Fz Cameron

Western cuisine

  • Pizzarela

  • Boss Taste

  • BARRACKS CAFE (Garden Restaurant)

  • Amsterdam Cafe

Nightlife or BAR

Num Song SDN BHD is a store that sells wine and other alcoholic drinks, and it's located near the main road in Tanah Rata.

If you're staying in Brinchang, Joo Hin Convenience store also sells wine and other alcoholic drinks.

Are you a Coffeeholic?

There are several coffee shops that might be suitable for your coffee addiction.

  1. Starbucks

  2. Tealive

What recommendation for dinner?

Steamboat is the best choice for dinner. Where you can enjoy a hot plate with soup or tom yam and you can grill your own meat or chicken. With varieties of choices of side dishes, you can choose.

  1. Mayflower (Chinese-style Steamboat)

  2. TAC Steamboat (Buffet Malay-style Steamboat)

  3. Highlands steamboat cheese and grill (Buffet Malay-style Steamboat)

  4. Adik Aisyah Steamboat (Buffet Malay-style Steamboat)

Best Places to eat in  Golden Hills - Brinchang

Golden Hills is a residential area with shop lots, apartment, double storey house and three storey terrace house. Was located 3.7KM away from Tanah Rata. 2.3 KM from Brinchang Town Golden Hill was famous because of the Night Market

Night Market

starts at 4.00 pm until 10.00 pm on weekends only (Friday and Saturday) but operating every day during the school holidays. There selling streets food, souvenirs and local Cameron Highlands products.


  • No:32 boutique café

  • Afiq Roy Café

  • The Mint

  • Y.A.Z Steamboat and Grill

  • De V Garden

  • Uncle Paul Steamboat

  • Paul Kopitiam

Cameron Jaya 


  • Nasi kukus abang keybal

  • Selera Singgey

  • Kak Zam Kafe

  • Mizi Tok Kama

  • Burger Kampung

Cameron Jaya - Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands

Cameron Jaya is a residential area with shop lots and apartment. From bus station Tanah Rata only 850m away and take about 12 minutes of walking

Steamboat restaurants:-

  • Highlands Steamboat Cheese & Grill

  • Adik Aisyah Steamboat

  • Hot Pot Times Restaurant


  • Adik Aisyah Shellout

  • Paktam Putrajaya

  • Nasi Kukus My Prima

  • Mai Sup Utara

Coffee shop:-

  •  Growing seed café

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