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Nearby Amenities

18 Mar 2023

Convenience and Comfort: Discover Nearby Amenities of Your Hostel

If you're visiting Tanah Rata town, you'll find everything you need close by. There are plenty of grocery stores around, and it's easy to find an ATM from Ambank or Maybank. Just keep in mind that Agro Bank only accepts local cards.

For currency exchange, you can visit Ria Currency Exchange or Maideen M.K.S Money Exchange, both located in Tanah Rata town.

If you are looking for laundry, there are a few laundry services available in Tanah Rata town. You can easily find self-service laundry facilities, as well as drop-off laundry services.

Health care services, there is a few health care centres you can find in Tanah Rata.


  • Cameron Pharmacy

  • NUcare Pharmacy

  • Guardian

Private clinic:-

  • Klinik & surgery Raj

  • Klinik Ayob

Main hospital:-

Hospital Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom

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