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Oastel Co-Living

21 Mar 2023

A Modern Haven for Budget Travelers

Oastel  co-living is a modern form of Hotel Rooms  for  budget travellers a private bedroom in a furnished home with shared common areas. coliving is popular in major cities as a means of affordable for Backpackers travellers

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Experience the co-living Life: Stay at Our co-living  and Immerse Yourself in the Culture

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  • 100 Oastel  co-living

  • A3A Oastel  co-living

Oastel co-living programs provides home share to individuals seeking a place to stay. Oastel co-living provides a private room in a house with minimum budget.

The private room occupancy is only for 2 people, suitable for couple backpackers or backpackers travelling with their buddy. For private room available we have 2 types of private room which is private room with attached bathroom and private room with sharing bathroom. Private room with attached bathroom logically will be upper price compared with the other room type.

We promise you that it is comfortable if you were planning to stay more than 2 nights in our co-living. In the co-living we provide a common area where you can socialize with the other guest, pantry with toaster, microwave, fridge and electric kettle where you can prepare a simple meal by yourself and free Wi-Fi.  Nearby the co-living you can find many convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops and laundry. Our help desk services will be available 24 hours via WhatsApp. Distance between the bus stations to the co-living is around 700 meters. It’s a walking distance, so possible to only walk to the co-living from the bus stations.

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